gail Johnson

Mark changed my life. I came away from my lessons with a passion for swimming. He deconstructed my “interesting” style and taught me the correct strokes. Also he taught me, with extreme patience, not to fear the water. I can now swim a fairly competent crawl. At nearly 70 it proves you’re never too old. And there were a lot of laughs along the way.


jasmine bawany

I’ve always had very low confidence with water and swimming but since having lessons with Mark my confidence and dare I say my beginner level swimming has really improved. Mark is an excellent teacher who is really understanding, patient and calm! He has excellent teaching methods tailored to suit individual needs. He has his own swimming related acronyms which helped me to learn a range of techniques, and his of wealth of knowledge and overall positive and patient nature has motivated me to keep challenging myself in the water. I would definitely recommend Mark!

In March 2020 we launched the Black Swimming Association, the first organisation of its kind set up to educate the Black community in the U.K on the importance of water safety, drowning prevention and swimming in general. My cofounders and I set up strategic partnerships with Swim England, RLSS, STA and Speedo and we have just released the film documentary, A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim, to a global audience highlighting the issue with swimming within the Black community. I am highlighting all of this because it is very difficult to think any of these would have happened if Mark Trude hadn’t got in touch with me in August 2018 and offered to teach me how to swim as a response to me questioning whether it was a physical or cultural reason why black people in general do not swim. Mark has been teaching me for over a year and as a result, I no longer have the fear of water I had been carrying all my life. It takes a very patient and skilled instructor to be able to continuously teach someone like myself. As the world changes and we strategically address a generation long issue of the disproportionate amount of Black people and ethnic minorities that don’t and can’t swim, I will always applaud Mark Trude’s efforts and skill in teaching me and making all this possible.


ed accura

donna cadiente

Mark is a very patient teacher. I am a beginner and it's been very helpful how he breaks down techniques into simple to follow steps, providing guidance and encouragement along the way. He assesses and provides real time feedback on what is working or what should be improved. I have seen my confidence improve in swimming in the deep end - which I previously would have struggled with. I would highly recommend his 'one to one' coaching for adult swimming lessons

inbal moshe

I've been taking private lessons with Mark for the past year. Mark has been the most professional, respectful swim teacher and helped me go from a complete beginner to knowing all main 4 swimming styles sufficiently well to complete a good workout, chase constant improvement and enjoy my time in the pool or out doing wild swimming. Lessons are hard work but also very fun and always with a good dash of humour to keep me motivated. If you're considering taking beginner or improvers lessons, I'd look no further.


alessandra Ferreira

Being coached by Mark in the past seven months, I have improved my swimming enormously, and he built up my confidence in the water.   Now I can confidently swim many lengths in a 25 meters pool. His enthusiasm got me hooked, as I enjoy practising every day. I am truly thankful to him, and his effective teaching methods enable me to identify when I'm doing something wrong during my training. Mark's demeanour is professional, gentle, and I highly recommend him to anyone who either wants to improve or learn to swim from scratch!

colum duffy

Mark has taught me how to swim front crawl. I really appreciate his structured lessons and his ability to breakdown the stroke to its various components. Mark is able to bring a wealth of experience and passion for swimming to every lesson. He mixes up each lesson with a variety of exercises and even invents new techniques. As an adult learner I warmly recommend Mark to anyone seeking to learn to swim. 


antoine champenier

Mark is a truly expert swim teacher having coached the best but also patient with less advanced swimmers. Perfect to improve from wherever you’re starting.